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Buying A Waterfront Property

So far, we’ve covered the main steps in buying a house. If a lakefront home is what you’re searching for, there are a few more things you need to take note of:

Work with an Expert

Not all lakes, and not all lakefront properties, are the same. The best way to achieve your dream of owning a lakefront property while avoiding the pitfalls of getting something you didn’t bargain for is to work with a Real Estate Broker with experience in waterfront properties, like Vanderhoef Properties. We can help you find just what you’re looking for, and then we’ll help you negotiate the best deal to get it.

Don’t Just Look at the House

Is it an all-sports lake that’ll make your dream of boat ownership a reality? Is the lake great for swimming or fishing? Consider the whole package – not just the house or the amount of water frontage.Is the water deep enough to dock your boat? Are certain types of boats restricted? Does it have public or private access rights? What’s the water quality like? You may want answers to all those questions before deciding if this particular property is right for you.

Check the Home’s History

Sellers are required to fill out a seller’s disclosure form. Peruse the document carefully and see if the property has ever been flooded or badly damaged during a storm. At Vanderhoef Properties, we’ll obtain the seller’s disclosure for you and work with you to understand any issues of concern disclosed by the sellers.

Insurance Matters

Given their proximity to the water, waterfront properties are sometimes more prone to damage from the elements. That’s why some owners take out additional insurance policies to cover against damage from wind or floods. Speak with a reputable insurance agent about the type of coverage they recommend.

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